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Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Center (SMRC) is a leading voluntary organization working in the field of disability for the last three decades and provides Top Physiotherapy Services In Bhubaneswar.

Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Center (SMRC) is a leadingdisabled people’s organization working in the field of disability for more than three decades. It was in 1985 when Ashok Hans established the organization to give voice to the disabled on their rights. With support and unwavering dedication from like-minded people, SMRC has emerged a leader in rights of women with disabilities, community based linked rehabilitation services catering Affordable Physiotherapy Service In Bhubaneswar. For further information email Рsmrcbbsr@gmail.com

General Information

  • Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council – 2011
  • Accredited to the (UNCRPD) Conference of State Parties
  • Associate Member Rehabilitation International
  • Observer Organization UNFCCC
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Vision – Develop a sustainable organization that responds to the rights of people with disabilities in India, particularly gendered and in rural areas, through research, education and awareness.

Mission – To support change, aimed at the creation of an environment where persons with disabilities can enjoy equal rights.