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CSW68: Bridging Gaps on Gender, Disability, and Climate Change

By SMRC, Mar 26, 2024
Screenshots of participants speaking at a virtual side event on the occasion of the CSW68 - Climate Disasters, Escalating Poverty and Disability Feminist Response, with SMRC, WWDIN and RDI logo.

At CSW68, a diverse panel convened, comprising experts well-versed in gender, disability, and climate change. Their discussions transcended borders, offering insights from both global and regional contexts.

Notably, alongside established professionals, young scholars from South Asia lent their voices to the conversation, emphasizing crucial issues and advocating for policy changes.
The panel’s collaborative efforts underscored the urgency of addressing these complex challenges through inclusive approaches.

Panelists were:

Asha Hans, Executive Vice President of SMRC introduced the panel. Her work centers on gender and climate change and disability rights.

Penelope Stein, Senior Associate of the Harvard Law School Project on Disability (USA) chaired the event.

Maria Kett, Professor of Humanitarianism and Social Inclusion (at the UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care, UK) and Co-Founder of GDIHub was the discussant.

Pratima Gurung, an academic activist from Nepal and Assistant Professor at Padmakanya under Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Abhishek Kumar, Founder and curator of the initiative, ‘The Sangyan’ and a lawyer activist from India. He also carries out an interview series, ‘Ulangan Talks!’.

Deepchandi Lekamge, a senior lecturer in Environmental Science attached to the Department of Natural Resources, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka.

Shababa Haque, doctoral candidate at Durham University, UK. Her PhD work is focused on women’s livelihoods and experience of work in the Bangladesh Sunderbans region.

CSW68 served as a platform for fostering dialogue and fostering a shared commitment to creating a more equitable and sustainable future, hosted by Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Center (SMRC).