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About Us

Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Center (SMRC) is a leading voluntary organization working in the field of disability for the last three decades.

It was 1985 when Mr. Ashok Hans thought for an organization that could rehabilitate disadvantaged spinal injury victims and give voice to persons with disabilities for their rights and equality.

With support and unwavering dedication from like-minded people, Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Center (SMRC) came out under the leadership of Mr. Hans, who sustained a spinal cord injury after a traffic accident in 1974, which left him a tetraplegic at the age of 22.

SMRC’s core area of intervention is to apply modern rehabilitation techniques creatively and comprehensively. It has adopted the essential principle that is returning or integrating a person to his home, community and work to establish a happy, productive life.

Vision – Develop a sustainable organization that responds to the rights of people with disabilities in India, particularly gendered and in the rural areas, through research, education and awareness.

Mission – To support change, aimed at the creation of an environment where persons with disabilities can enjoy equal rights.

Latest News

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Webinar on Gendered Disability, Inclusive Health and COVID 19 – Feb 17

Feb 14, 2022

The SMRC, Women with Disability India Network and Women Enabled International will offer a webinar on Gendered Disability, Inclusive Health and COVID 19  on February 17...

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GDS Panel: “Disability, Climate Change, Conflict and Intersectional Approaches”

Feb 14, 2022

The Global Disability Submit (GDS) panel will highlight the heterogeneity of experiences of persons with disabilities in countries of the Global South and North, aiming...

Tribute to our Founder

Shri Ashok Hans

SMRC Founder Shri Ashok Hans
(20-10-1950 – 18-07-2008)


I was born in Gwalior on 20th Oct’ 1950 into a refugee family from West Pakistan. A year later we moved to Bhubaneswar where I spent my early childhood & underwent schooling. Later I was sent to a school in Dehra Doon as I was handful for my parents who were struggling to survive economically after having lost every thing during the partition. I completed my schooling from Sainik School and Graduated from St.Xavier’s College, Calcutta.

During school, I took active part in debating, elocution, dramatics and all round sporting activities. Won several prizes and was selected as School Captain. During the intervening period between school and college, took up flying, rock climbing, trekking and traveled to different parts of the country. I led the NCC contingent at Republic Parade in Delhi and was selected for the Himalayan Mountaineering Institution. During college I pursued cricket and was selected to play for the college & later for the ... Continue Reading

Fighting for Our Rights Fighting for Our Rights

While traveling from Madras to Bhubaneswar at the Madras Central the railway superintendent asked that, my wheel chair be weighed along with my luggage. When I told him I needed it to be able to board the train and when getting down he finally allowed it after a prolonged argument and sit down strike.

While traveling in the train a senior railway official again asked me as to why my wheel chair was in the compartment and not in the luggage van and at the next station it should be removed.

Community Based Rehabilitation Community Based Rehabilitation

The concept of community based rehabilitation (CBR) has been a part of the Indian value based tradition from time immemorial whether they be issues relating to health, education, livelihood etc. It is a process built around social mobilization, community participation and organization to serve their own people.

CBR today, is based on the principles of human rights, gender equity and mobilization of social forces that, ensure respect for human dignity and constitutional rights to citizens of the country.

  • Nandini Ghosh with Jeeja Ghosh at WWDIN in Odisha
  • Jeeja ghosh being felicitated by secretary disability Odisha
  • Ashok Hans with Guest inaugurating the DIDRR Meeting
  • Felicitation of Children